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True Elements® Nutritional Mask

TO SOOTHE SKIN AND BOOST BRIGHTNESS this rich and smooth mask deeply nourishes your skin. The combination of shea butter, nori extract and plant oils offers instant comfort. The three seaweed …

Sku Description Price Qty.
2051Nutritional MaskUS$ 36.00

Kenzen Ten4®

Wake up your body and mind the healthy way. Kenzen Ten4 is made with real ingredients – including what is known as “nature’s own energy drink,” naturally organic matcha green tea, and one of the …

Sku Description Price Qty.
15595Powder Energy Tea Drink Mix-US (20 sticks)US$ 35.00

Kenzen Paleo Bar™

--> THE KENZEN PALEO BAR KEEPS IT SIMPLE Energy bars, nutrition bars, protein bars, diet bars—convenient food on the go is everywhere. But take a look at the ingredient listings of popular …

Sku Description Price Qty.
16003Kenzen Paleo Bar™ Tropical DelightUS$ 40.00
16004Kenzen Paleo Bar™ Chocolate NutUS$ 40.00

ThermoWear - price as shown is 50% OFF!

Whether you’re dressed up or down, for keeping comfortable ThermoWear is your smart wear. Nikken ThermoWear intelligently adapts for your personal comfort. Its Far-Infrared Technology assists in …

Sku Description Price Qty.
17077Women's Medium ThermoWear SetUS$ 86.00
17078Women's Large ThermoWear SetUS$ 86.00

TriPhase® Ambassador Watch - price shown at 50% off

Sophistication and finesse are the hallmarks of the Ambassador Watch. Ideally styled for men and women, it travels effortlessly from the formal to the everyday, a subtle yet distinctive accent …

Sku Description Price Qty.
19118Ambassador WatchUS$ 119.00

Milana - price shown at 20% off

These earrings and cord or chain necklace feature scintillating, flashing crystals and Kenko Magnetic Technology — a unique and beautiful solution for replicating Earth’s magnetic field, our …

Sku Description Price Qty.
19127Milana EarringsUS$ 27.99
19128Milana Chain NecklaceUS$ 38.99
19129Milana Cord NecklaceUS$ 38.99
19136Milana Set (Earrings & Chain Necklace)US$ 55.99
19137Milana Set (Earrings & Cord Necklace)US$ 55.99

Marquesa Collection - price shown at 20% off

Inspired by the work of a world-renowned European fashion studio, the Kenko Marquesa necklace and bracelet graciously combine modern technology and timeless design. As a matched set of jewelry they …

Sku Description Price Qty.
19116Kenko Marquesa Necklace 18"US$ 62.99
19117Kenko Marquesa Bracelet 8"US$ 54.99
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