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Kenzen Vital Balance® Meal Replacement Mix

Sku Description Price Qty.
15588Kenzen Vital Balance Chocolate - USUS$ 78.00
15597Kenzen Vital Balance Vanilla - USUS$ 78.00

Product Description

More than a protein meal replacement, Kenzen Vital Balance is a functional food — a unique formulation designed to support essential biological processes. It includes ingredients that help to burn fat and boost metabolism, promote healthy brain function and natural elimination of toxins. Probiotics assist in digestive and immune system activity. An organic-based formula with 125 calories (made with real vanilla) or 130 (made with real cocoa), all-vegetable protein, no added salt, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives, Kenzen Vital Balance can be mixed with water, soy or dairy milk or other beverage of your choice.

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