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When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you're on your toes all day, thanks to Nikken insoles.

Nikken introduced the original Magsteps® in 1975 — the company's first product. The textured surface was inspired by the pebbles found underfoot in Japanese public baths, known to produce a stimulating and energizing sensation. In the insoles, this was combined with magnetic technology, another ancient principle. Today Magsteps® and mStrides™ are in shoes all over the world.

Kenko mSteps®

Kenko mSteps® insoles feature energizing massage nodes, extraordinary comfort, Nikken TriPhase® Technology — and patented DynaFlux® operation that acts like a magnetic field generator inside shoes. …

Sku Description Price Qty.
20213Kenko mSteps® Small Sizes 5 to 9US$ 59.00
20214Kenko mSteps® Large Sizes 7 to 12US$ 67.00

Kenko mStrides®

A major step forward in design and engineering, mStrides feature patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology and exceptional comfort. Patented DynaFlux provides 100% coverage and intensifies the …

Sku Description Price Qty.
20201Kenko mStrides SM/Women Sizes 5-9US$ 59.00
20211Kenko mStrides Lg/Men - Sizes 7-13US$ 67.00


Featuring Nikken exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology and durable, reinforced construction, they are designed with strategically shaped and placed nodules to provide your entire body with the benefits …

Sku Description Price Qty.
2021Magsteps Medium Sizes 7-12US$ 61.00
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