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Energy Pack - SAVE 10%

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4408Energy PackUS$ 991.00

Product Description

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Our Wellness Home Packs shape the foundation to maintaining an Active Wellness lifestyle as part of your Wellness Home and are perfect for introducing new Nikken Consultants and Customers to Nikken, helping them build their own Wellness Home. All packs are priced at 10% discount to regular items at regular price.

For those that want to promote their body into the best physical shape, the Energy Pack is designed to support maximum mobility and overall physical well-being. This pack is an essential component to have when living your best active life lifestyle.

Energy Pack #4408

19126 KenkoTherm DUK® Tape (black)
1450 Kenko PowerChip (black)
14471 Kenko MagFlex®
13201 Kenko MagDuo®
20211 Kenko mStrides® (large)
20201 Kenko mStrides® (small)
1281 Kenko Seat
2316 KenkoTouch®
2200 KenkoGround™
19084 Kenko PowerBand® (black necklace)
19080 Kenko PowerBand® (black small bracelet)
19081 Kenko PowerBand® (black large bracelet)
1834 KenkoTherm® Knee Wrap (large)
1824 KenkoTherm® Knee Wrap (medium)

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