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Kenko Sleep Products

Kenko Dream® Comforter

A perfect balance of comfort for all climates, the Kenko Dream® Comforter can help keep you comfy and warm. Revolutionary technology and the finest materials allow better rest. Chitocotton, …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1264Kenko Dream TwinC$ 314.00
1265Kenko Dream Full/QueenC$ 450.00
1266Kenko Dream KingC$ 528.00

Kenko Dream® Light Comforter

The Kenko Dream® Light Comforter combines the latest advances in Nikken Kenko Dream® technology with a lightweight, all-season design. Nikken Magnetic Technology, with a network of …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1267Kenko Dream Light TwinC$ 305.00
1268Kenko Dream Light Comforter-Full/QueenC$ 464.00
1269Kenko Dream Light Comforter King/Cal KingC$ 546.00

Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase

The pillowcase is an ancillary product to the pillow. Complete your Kenko Sleep System with the Naturest Custom Pillowcase. Designed to fit standard-size pillows and the Naturest Custom Pillow, …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1175Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, SingleC$ 48.00
1176Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, PairC$ 87.00

Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow

Inside the Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow is a special filler of rolled natural latex. It’s designed so that you subtract or replace filler to achieve the desired degree of firmness — your personal …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1185Kenko Naturest® Custom PillowC$ 144.00

Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper

You need a good night’s rest. The Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper will help you with that — it combines advanced scientific technology and natural materials, in a design that does the work for you …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1180Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper TwinC$ 1,023.00
1182Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper QueenC$ 1,756.00
1183Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper KingC$ 2,048.00

Kenko PowerSleep Mask

Transform your night's rest or any time into an extended power nap. The Kenko PowerSleep Mask includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology that produces an area of magnetic flux extending …

Sku Description Price Qty.
16821Kenko PowerSleep MaskC$ 68.00

KenkoTherm® Cocoon

For sleep, warmth or relaxation, the KenkoTherm Cocoon offers compact convenience. Open it up and you have a queen-size bed comforter, a travel blanket or wrap for outdoor activities. Zip it …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1179KenkoTherm® CocoonC$ 269.00
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