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Kenko Sleep Products

Kenko Dream® Comforter

A perfect balance of comfort for all climates, the Kenko Dream® Comforter can help keep you comfy and warm. Revolutionary technology and the finest materials allow better rest. Chitocotton, …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1264Kenko Dream TwinUS$ 302.00
1265Kenko Dream Full/QueenUS$ 426.00
1266Kenko Dream KingUS$ 504.00

Kenko Dream® Light Comforter

The Kenko Dream® Light Comforter combines the latest advances in Nikken Kenko Dream® technology with a lightweight, all-season design. Nikken Magnetic Technology, with a network of …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1267Kenko Dream Light TwinUS$ 293.00
1268Kenko Dream Light Comforter-Full/QueenUS$ 438.00
1269Kenko Dream Light Comforter King/Cal KingUS$ 510.00

Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase

The pillowcase is an ancillary product to the pillow. Complete your Kenko Sleep System with the Naturest Custom Pillowcase. Designed to fit standard-size pillows and the Naturest Custom Pillow, …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1175Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, SingleUS$ 44.00
1176Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, PairUS$ 79.00

Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow

Inside the Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow is a special filler of rolled natural latex. It’s designed so that you subtract or replace filler to achieve the desired degree of firmness — your personal …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1185Kenko Naturest® Custom PillowUS$ 143.00

Kenko Naturest® Fit

Get quality sleep wherever you are with the Kenko Naturest® Fit. Designed to be portable and affordable, this thin mattress topper with 800 gauss magnets comes in twin, full, queen and king …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1190Kenko Naturest Fit TwinUS$ 385.00
1191Kenko Naturest Fit FullUS$ 538.00
1192Kenko Naturest Fit QueenUS$ 616.00
1193Kenko Naturest Fit KingUS$ 770.00

Kenko PowerSleep Mask

Transform your night's rest or any time into an extended power nap. The Kenko PowerSleep Mask includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology that produces an area of magnetic flux extending …

Sku Description Price Qty.
16821Kenko PowerSleep MaskUS$ 61.00

Kenko Sleep Pet Pad

Provide your best friend with the perfect place to rest day or night with the Kenko Sleep Pet Pad. Pets love to feel warm and cozy, especially when lounging or snoozing and the Kenko Sleep Pet Pad …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1290Kenko Sleep Pet Pad (sm)US$ 218.00
1291Kenko Pet Pad (lg)US$ 286.00

KenkoTherm® Cocoon

For sleep, warmth or relaxation, the KenkoTherm Cocoon offers compact convenience. Open it up and you have a queen-size bed comforter, a travel blanket or wrap for outdoor activities. Zip it …

Sku Description Price Qty.
1179KenkoTherm® CocoonUS$ 260.00
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