Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase

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1175Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, SingleUS$ 40.00
1176Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow Case, PairUS$ 60.00

Product Description

The pillowcase is an ancillary product to the pillow. Complete your Kenko Sleep System with the Naturest Custom Pillowcase. Designed to fit standard-size pillows and the Naturest Custom Pillow, the Custom Pillowcase releases negative ions, and Nikken Far-Infrared Technology provides warm or cool temperature regulation that’s always just right. The Naturest Custom Pillowcase is finished in the same pattern as used in Kenko Dream and Kenko Dream® Light Comforters, for a stylish matched look.

• Special fibers absorb ambient energy and reflect it only in the far-infrared range to provide gentle warming effect on cold nights
• Far-Infrared technology also releases excess heat to keep pillow surface cool when weather is warm
• Surface produces a gentle flow of negative ions—similar to what is found in forests and near waterfalls—for a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere that is ideal for sleep
• Comfortable and long-wearing cotton surface with rayon lining combine softness and durability
• Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion filler adds cushioning
• Chitosan insert is naturally bacteriostatic
• Elegant dobby weave pattern helps keep filler in place and matches Kenko Comforters for a coordinated look

Far-Infrared Technology, Negative-Ion Technology

Cotton, rayon, ceramic polyester, chitosan

Length 28 in/71 cm
Width 22 in/56 cm
Includes 1 in/2.5 cm border

Insert pillow and zip closed.

Machine wash cold, gentle tumble dry.

30-day limited warranty

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