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Marquesa Collection

Sku Description Price Qty.
19116Kenko Marquesa Necklace 18"US$ 64.99
19117Kenko Marquesa Bracelet 8"US$ 56.00

Product Description

Inspired by the work of a world-renowned European fashion studio, the Kenko Marquesa necklace and bracelet graciously combine modern technology and timeless design. As a matched set of jewelry they create a dazzling impression, and each can be worn separately as an elegant accessory.

Both feature Kenko Magnetic Technology that replicates Earth's magnetic field and restores a more natural balance to our surroundings. Each necklace and bracelet features a spaced array of rare earth neodymium magnet inserts, each rated at 580 gauss. Crafted in stainless steel for exceptional durability and beauty, Marquesa is finished in a pattern that makes the necklace and bracelet equally appropriate as formal or casual wear.

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