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Kenko Travel Comforter

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1270Travel Comforter One size 53" x 61"US$ 105.00

Product Description

You can take it with you.

The Kenko Travel Comforter makes restful sleep possible even when on the road. In a small package, it's the next best thing to having a Kenko Sleep System while away from home.

The dimensions of the Travel Comforter provide a full size personal sleep cover or mattress topper when unrolled. Or, use it as a warm blanket or throw at an outdoor concert, sporting event or other occasion. When folded, the Travel Comforter makes a convenient pillow or seat cushion. The elastic bands permanently attached to the Travel Comforter make it easy to roll up and fold into a packable size.


• Promotes comfortable sleep wherever you go
• Breathable 100% cotton outer cover provides ventilation while releasing excess heat to keep you comfortable
• Folds into compact shape and can be used as a pillow or cushion
• Designed for sleep during any season
• Zipper-free to prevent snagging or tearing of material

Ceramic-reflective fibers, polyester fill, cotton fiber cover

53" x 61" (134 cm x 155 cm) unfolded

May be washed in cold water. Do not bleach. Hang to air dry.

One-year limited warranty

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