Nikken Magna-Charger

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Product Description

Most tap water contains high amounts of minerals, which tend to bind together in clumps. The Nikken Magna-Charger has powerful neodymium and ferrite magnets that reduce mineral clumping, acting as a natural water softener without adding chemicals or salt. It decreases buildup inside pipes and may help prolong plumbing life.

• Conventional water softeners work by introducing salt or other chemical compounds to the water supply. The Nikken Magna-Charger is a more natural alternative that adds nothing to your household water. It is simpler and less expensive.
• The concave shape of the powerful neodymium inserts in the Magna-Charger is designed to provide a perfect fit. The sizing is adjustable, so that the Magna-Charger can be attached to almost any inflow pipe. Installing multiple Magna-Chargers is a simple, practical way to apply this magnetic technology to all your household plumbing.
• The facing magnetic surfaces are opposite in polarity — one positive, one negative. Combined with the curved inner shape, this creates the Focus-Field effect, in which the magnetic flux lines are directed at right angles through the water flow.
• The Magna-Charger can be installed in minutes, or removed and reused. It requires no power source, and leaves plumbing intact — no cutting or pipefitting is necessary.

Magnetic Technology (Focus Field Technology)


WEIGHT: 0.35 lbs

MATERIALS: Neodymium magnets, solid housing

WARRANTY: One year standard limited warranty

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