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Smart Strips (Set of 5)

Product Overview

Research has shown that living in a highly stressful world full of energetically draining toxins, including electropollution from wireless devices, drains our body's vital energy field - the biofield. Wellness experts are quickly recognizing the importance of products that assist in reinforcing the strength of the human biofield. your first line of defense against life's many stressors. The innovative GIA Smart Strips™ have quickly made major waves in the wellness industry as a premier biofield care solution.

The GIA Smart Strip Set is a collection of energetically entrained, flexible circles, strips, and patches. They come in three convenient sizes and is available with or without a temporary, medical grade adhesive for easy application.* Whether your body craves less stress, more energy, better balance, or a greater state of comfort, the GIA Smart Strips are the perfect solution for people that care about the state of their energetic wellness.
*Lifespan of temporary adhesive varies depending on usage.

Smart Strips (Set of 5)

Product Details

  • Energetically optimized with ERT to reinforce your body's natural resilience to the effects of everyday stress*
  • An effective way to support your body?s natural ability to alleviate stress & discomfort*

Smart Strips (Set of 5)

Usage & Directions

For a detailed instructions on application, removal and storage - please read the instructional insert included with your GIA Smart Strip Set or you can download them below.
Smart Strip Instructions (PDF)

Sku# 39236
Smart Strip Set
Price: $285.35

Smart Strips - (without adhesive)

Product Overview

GIA Smart Strips now can now be purchased without the temporary adhesive!

Sku# 39238
Smart Strips - (NEW) without adhesive
Price: $256.90

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