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Edge (12 count) 1 bottle

Product Overview

GIA Edge™ contains Tex-OE™, a patented formula containing a combination of essential B vitamins and prickly pear cactus extract. It is formulated to assist your body's natural recovery from stress and muscle fatigue. *

Edge (12 count) 1 bottle

Product Details

Who Should Take It? Why?
Anyone who uses EMF/EMR emitting devices such as cell phones, home phones, computers, laptops, cars, etc. To support the body's natural resistance to, and recovery from the stress response caused by EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)*
Anyone who participates in challenging physical activity To help the body's natural muscle and tissue recovery*
Anyone who experiences physical stress or inflammation To assist the body's natural resistance to physical stress*
Anyone who plans on traveling To help normalize the uncomfortable effects associated with air travel (jet lag)*
Anyone who is sleep deprived To help alleviate normal fatigue & mental exhaustion*

Edge (12 count) 1 bottle

Usage & Directions

For adults, Take on an empty stomach with a glass of water 2 hours prior to physical or stressful activities. For optimal benefit, use with GIA i-H20.™

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Edge - 12 Count Bottle
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Edge - 12 Count (4 bottles)
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