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Universal Guard™ (2 pack)

Product Overview

The revolutionary GIA Universal Guard provides an important intervention against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) -- also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) -- by working to neutralize the stress-related effects of your exposure to EMR, as well as strengthen the body's natural resilience to stress, at the same time. The Universal Guard uses the proprietary GiaPlex™ technology, a cutting-edge dual-action process that's not only one-of-a kind, but also universal in its application.*

Universal Guard™ (2 pack)

Product Details

  • Proprietary GiaPlex™ dual action technology, designed to neutralize the effects of stress from electropollution exposure, as well as reinforce your body's natural resilience to it.*
  • Universally programmed, allowing use on multiple devices, both wired and wireless.*
  • Designed to assist in alleviating the cumulative stress associated with living in today's electronic and wireless environment*
  • Resilient & long-lasting

Universal Guard™ (2 pack)

Usage & Directions

  1. Make sure the surface of the device is clean
  2. Peel off the paper on the back of the Universal Guard™
  3. Apply the Universal Guard on the device of your choice
Please see the Easy-to-Use-Guide located on the Universal Guard packaging insert, which lists the recommended number of Universal Guards per device, as well as detailed placement instructions.

Sku# 39219
Universal Guard™ (2 pack)
Price: $98.00

Sku# 39217
Universal Guard - 6 Pack
Price: $283.50

Sku# 39218
Universal Guard - 12 Pack
Price: $509.50

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